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recommended related websites
www.postandbeam.co.nz for excellent traditional english carpentry, works perfectly in combination with light earth
www.solidearth.co.nz for cement-free adobe bricks, floor tiles and light earth bricks (light adobe) from nelson
www.claytec.de for getting an idea of what’s going on elsewhere
recommended literature
‘discovering timber-framed buildings’ by richard harris, isbn 0-7478-0215-7
‘das neue lehmbau handbuch’ by gernot minke, isbn 3-922964-86-9 also in engl. ‘the new earth building handbook’
‘wohnhaeuser aus lehm’ by oliver zogler, isbn 3-421-03470-2
‘leichtlehmbau’ by franz volhard, isbn 3-7880-7511-2
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