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earthen plasters - process

earthen plasters
nzeb earthen plasters are commonly applied to
all internal surfaces at a thickness between 20 and 25mm in 2-3 layers.
the first layer or
underplaster can usually be put straight onto the moistened light earth or rammed earth wall.
where the plaster could be prone to cracking, a second layer, consisting of
hessian and a fine mud slurry, is worked into the underplaster. hessian is a traditional, natural bridging material, that helps to avoid cracking.
the final layer or
fineplaster made of loam and fine sands determines the look of the finished product.
we offer a variety of natural colours and textures - the choice is yours. we recommend a protective coat of ‘keim’ paint.

lime plasters
nzeb lime plasters are applied to
sun-exposed external surfaces at a thickness of 25mm in 3 layers.
the plaster is made up of 1 part lime putty from soaked hydrated lime and 3 to 4 parts of course sand.
first a
15 to 20mm underplaster is applied to the moistened light earth wall. a fibreglass or plastic reinforcing mesh is then worked into the wet surface. the following day a finishing coat of approx. 5 to 10mm is applied.
while curing the wall has to be kept moist and shaded. once the plaster is fully cured a
protective silicate based paint (i.e. ‘keim granital’) is rolled on in two coats. the paint silicifies the surface of the plaster and makes it impermeable to rain from the outside, while still allowing moisture-saturated air from the inside to travel out.

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