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nzeb strive to take earth building out of its niche market and make it a viable alternative to the mainstream building methods on offer in new zealand today.

earth building is not just for the wealthy or alternative owner-builders, it can be available to the majority.
earth buildings do not have to be huge or organically shaped, they can fit all lifestyles and environments.
any good architecture, whether modern or traditional, deserves to be built in decent materials. we are adament about only building to the highest standards and offering seriously sustainable solutions.

what we do, makes perfect sense for the future of new zealand. to establish and maintain a sustainable (building) culture, we will have to start thinking and acting in a conscious way. we need to look at patterns of how people built here in the past (both indigenous and european) and start using our natural local resources. what we admire in historical european architecture was the result of a shared ‘language’ that was developed and adhered to by the local people over an extended period of time. the currently fashionable pseudo-mediterranean look, produced with inauthentic materials, for example, displays a lack of everything that could link these buildings to this unique place.
we would like to think, that in 500 years time people might come to new zealand and find a significant number of admirable historic buildings still in use - we are working towards that.
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